Yoshitoshi (Diptych)
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The Shining Star

Artist: Yoshitoshi (Diptych)
Date: ca.1877
Size/Format: Oban Diptych, each sheet approx.13.5 by 9.5 ins
Description: 'Picture of Saigo's star at Seinan'. Following the death of Saigo Takamori in 1877 during the Satsuma Rebellion it was popularly held that his image (in full uniform) could be seen on the surface of a bright star. (Actually Mars, which was in close proximity on Earth that year). This diptych shows balloonists trying to get a closer look.
Series: Seinan Saigo Hoshi no zu
Condition: Minor marks and flaws but generally very good.
Impression: Fine
Price: (SOLD)


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